Usn muscle anabolic 4kg

Please consult your physician first (especially if you have a medical condition). Do not use if you are pregnant/lactating or under the age of 18. Remember that an adequate state of hydration must be maintained when using this product. Have at least 8 - 12 large glasses of water per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Taking more than the recommended dose will not improve results and may cause adverse reactions. For best results an appropriate weight gain eating plan and training programme should be followed. High intake of free-form amino acids may initially cause gastric discomfort in sensitive individuals - if this prolongs, reduce dosage or discontinue. Nutritional supplements should not replace a balanced, varied diet. Tolerance to lactose is variable - please seek advice as to the role of lactase in the diet.

Olimp Nutrition MCT Oil 400ml


Food intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sports people.
This product enriches the diet with medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) from MCT vegetable oil.

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon 14ml
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Usn muscle anabolic 4kg

usn muscle anabolic 4kg


usn muscle anabolic 4kgusn muscle anabolic 4kgusn muscle anabolic 4kgusn muscle anabolic 4kgusn muscle anabolic 4kg