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– Melee – (i already have)
Fixed blade knife (I want to have a smaller knife that is strong enough to kill and whatnot but small enough to not have to use my machete)
Bear Mase (this is technically not considered a melee weapon but ill put it in here anyways because its even furthur from a firearm. use this to shoot into peoples eyes that are raiding or people that i need to keep under control on my camp/base (This kind is the smaller bottle for easy transportation along scavanging))
Baseball bat/Axe (i have these but wont be using them enless i need too because they arnt my choice of weapon (axe is a full sized wood handle axe and bat is metal)) (yes i know wood axe is shit)
Small Machete (This machete is only going to be used until i get my other one)
– Melee – (Getting within the next 3 months)
Machete (I will be making a 15 inch blade machete out of either 1080 steel or some sort of carbonfiber mix allowing it to withstand the most harsh of killing) (This make take longer to make seeing as i have my prioritys onto firearms) (The grip im going to use is a hardened leather grip for durability and longtime use)
Small Hard Steel Hand Axe (Used for general purpose stuff but in the case of an emergency will be used for killing if need be)

Ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore, formerly of Young, Frutt & Berluti, settles in at a wealthy and powerful firm focusing on civil cases. With some help from his friend and mentor, veteran attorney Denny Crane, Shore quickly makes his mark winning cases no one would take, often using less than honest methods. In doing so, he develops a rival in his colleague Brad Chase, who has been assigned to the office partly to keep an eye on the increasingly eccentric (and possibly senile) Denny Crane. Though his questionable conduct might make him a few enemies along the way, Alan's not one to be underestimated, nor will he let trivial things like honesty or integrity get in the way of winning a case. Written by Todd Smitts

Top 10 best legal steroids

top 10 best legal steroids


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