Tbol only cycle log

First a little background, started weight training around 6 years ago at 17 years old (now 23) weighing 60kg/ 130lbs. Over the years I’ve managed to bulk up to / 180lbs at 5’11. Nothing superhuman and not at 8% percent body fat (more like 12-15%) but in my mind good progress considering how I’m a fully fledged ectomorph and all the males in my family are extremely skinny and weak. To put in context my first session in the gym bench pressing the bar was a struggle. It took me months to build up to a 40kg bench press and at the time i thought i was the man lol. 

Can someone help me out? How long can someone estrogen remain “out of balance”? Did a test cycle one year ago, 500mg test e a year a go, started ai in week 4, dropped Ai for pct. nolva/clomid pct 40/100 for two weeks and 20/50 for two weeks. I was told to pin my hcg on two shots during pct. what would this do to my estrogen levels? My symptoms are Mostly Mild but include soft erections,cystic acne, anxiety, creaky joints, slight libido change and at times I’m emotional. I thought that my it could be high estero so I took .25 mg of arimidex eod for two weeks, felt a tad bit of relief but I’m convinced it was placebo because they feeling of normalness went away after a few days. Went to the doctor and everything is with in normal range. They won’t test my estro though. The reason why I’m asking is because I want to do another cycle and just restart again. I have not felt normal in a while, but just very subtly. HELP

Tbol only cycle log

tbol only cycle log


tbol only cycle logtbol only cycle logtbol only cycle logtbol only cycle log