Tminic oral drops for infants

Hello Zack! Im not sure if there is a way to reply directly to his response or for someone to get his attention! Also to all others that mimic his case history. Diabetes Insipidus is characterized by nightsweats, insatiable thirst, polyuria (excessive urination), trouble gaining weight, craving ice, muscle wasting (may may/ not be present) also, im not sure about the iron deficiency but i do know two diabetics (insipidus patients) who are anemic but im not sure of the cause of their anemia. I’m a Medical Technologist it sounds A LOT like Diabetes insipidus, very very serious if not treated, you need the following tests done: to get your serum fasting blood sugar(glucose), a glucose tolerance test depending on the fasting glucose, urinalysis (macroscopic), and serum electrolytes (K, Ca, & Na <most important). I was actually afraid reading your post, please see a doctor ASAP. Usually when you go to donate blood they check your sugar as well, im not sure when they checked and saw your hemoglobin or iron was low they might have stopped there and never checked the sugar or overlooked the slightly elevated sugar if in the high normal range. Please get this checked!!!!

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Tminic oral drops for infants

t minic oral drops for infants


t minic oral drops for infantst minic oral drops for infantst minic oral drops for infants