Steroids in bodybuilding statistics

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"I found my first source in a supplement store without online help," he told Mic . "Traditionally, people would be approached by the shady bodybuilder in a gym for steroid sales, and who knows what kind of quality that product is, not to mention what kind of information is available through him." Because of the Internet, he argued, today's steroid users are more intelligent. Moreover, the quality, purity and reliability of steroids are improving. More drugs are "what the label actually says" they are, Eric said. Subreddits like  SteroidSourceTalk  — "the cooler, gayer cousin of /r/steroids" — provide comprehensive reviews of steroid vendors. They put more power and resources in the buyer's hands.

When you are supplementing with bodybuilding steroids of a testosterone nature you will find they come in many ester based forms but in the end each one is simply testosterone. The common belief is that short ester forms such as Testosterone-Propionate will cause you to hold much less water and this can be true to a slight extent in some people but by-in-large the only reason one is holding less water is because he’s dieting and taking in fewer carbohydrates. You can just as easily end up ripped to the bone, completely shredded with long ester based forms such as Testosterone-Cypionate or Testosterone-Enanthate; in the end, it’s all testosterone.

Steroids in bodybuilding statistics

steroids in bodybuilding statistics


steroids in bodybuilding statisticssteroids in bodybuilding statisticssteroids in bodybuilding statisticssteroids in bodybuilding statisticssteroids in bodybuilding statistics