Sinus tarsi syndrome steroid injection

1)  Pain: tends to be localized to the sinus tarsi area and feels deep inside.  Gets worse with prolonged activities such as walking or running and eases with rest
2)  Instability: especially when exercising on uneven ground or slopes, when jumping or quickly changing direction
3)  Stiffness: the ankle may feel stiff first thing in the morning and then improve as you get moving around and loosen up
4)  Tenderness to Touch: around the outside and front of the ankle
5)  Pain with Ankle Movements: especially inversion (turning the sole of the foot inwards) and plantarflexion (pointing the foot down)

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See a doctor in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis; this is particularly important because the injury may be associated with other conditions. Meanwhile take immediate rest from all sports and similar activities involving placing pressure on the ankle until the pain has subsided. Icing the injured area a few times per day can help to relieve pain and any swelling. Taking anti-inflammatory pain medication will also reduce symptoms, but always check with a doctor. As the pain decreases it is crucial to maintain steady movement in the joint; a physical therapist can help to recommend a suitable program of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Sinus tarsi syndrome steroid injection

sinus tarsi syndrome steroid injection


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