Virus Removal Tool is effective software that is able delete all actual adware from every browser. The database of signatures of the program is broadened and if you will activate this antivitrus program on your system, then it will eliminate every unwanted software that demonstrate different pop-ups. You are welcome to make use of Reset Browsers feature in the Tools tab. This option will reset all the browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer). So as an outcome of this process all the browser add-on will be deactivated and the homepage and the search engine will be also set to the default. You will not be annoyed with ads and redirections anymore.

RadSteroids  is adware which is made by Deals Interactive Media LLC and does not install a browser extension or browser helper object. It provides a game to launch a game of Asteroids on any website and destroy it! The main problem with this free software is the additional adware or supported ads to keep it free. RadSteroids is thereby known as a PUP, Potentially Unwanted Program. This RadSteroids software is often bundled with custom installers and installed on your computer without a decent notice. If you found RadSteroids on your computer, remove it by using this removal guide.