Poison ivy treatment steroids

If you spend time outdoors, chances are you have been bothered by poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac at some point. Most people are sensitive to the plants' oily sap. The sap is in the root, stems, leaves and fruit of these plants. If it gets on your skin, it causes a blistering skin rash . The rash can range from mild to severe, depending on how much sap gets on your skin and how sensitive you are to it. Problems can also happen if the plants are burned. Airborne sap-coated soot can get into the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory system.

Noni works for this one also. I get poison ivy pretty bad and used to take shots for it. Now when I break out in a rash I take my all natural noni juice, shake the bottle real good, then pour some onto the rash. It does not get rid of the poison ivy but it will take away the itching for 12 hours straight! I had poison ivy on my foot and blisters between my toes. I shook the noni, rubbed it on the rash put my socks and shoes on and went to work. I never itched until almost bedtime that night. I did this for seven days until the rash cleared up.

Poison oak's resin, called urushiol, can remain active for a very long time. When an allergic reaction occurs after contacting poison oak, the first thing to do is to wash the skin thoroughly with warm soap and water and launder any clothes that may be contaminated with poison oak. This should include towels used to clean the skin. Some soothing remedies such as showering with cool water, applying over-the-counter anti-itching cream, oatmeal baths, or baking-soda mixture may help lessen the discomfort in mild cases. If the allergic reaction is severe, one should contact a physician or go to the emergency room, and some prescription medications including topical and oral steroids may be needed to reduce the swelling and itch.

Poison ivy treatment steroids

poison ivy treatment steroids


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