Pitbull dogs on steroids

I think my frenchie got bit. I noticed him licking his paw a lot…it was very swollen with a definite injured point that was likely a bite. also (his hair is black) but I could see the skin on his belly reddened and his lips and the skin in the creases under his eyes was red and swollen. he was panting and breathing heavy. I put silver ointment on his paw (and wrapped it with adhesive bandage) and eyes, gave him childrens liquid Benadryl over two days (I have on hand for his normal allergies) and put him in a cold bath. the cold bath calmed the panting..which can be a problem for the short snout frenchies. it took 2 days but the swelling has receeded. He is not one to whine or howl with pain, so not surprised on that account. Today (two days later) I saw a black widow near the doorknob on my outer screen door…on the inside. so I am now pretty sure that is what happened…..I will be spraying around the outside of the house with spider spray…and keeping a lookout on the inside! my French is 4 and a half and normally very hearty and healthy.

Livia, your English is fine and you gave a comprehensive history. When a dog has a stroke, the best course of care is supportive and treating the underlying condition; many times the cause of the stroke cannot be established but may be due to septic emboli which is probably why your Veterinarian put Miky on antibiotics (just to cover that possibility). Helping Miky to defecate can be either cleaning after him when he has messed himself or assisting him outside and supporting his weight for when he goes. Seventeen is a good age, the prognosis isn’t very favourable and the chance for recovery would be based on the severity of the stroke and the part of the brain affected and the time taken before care was given. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

Pitbull dogs on steroids

pitbull dogs on steroids


pitbull dogs on steroidspitbull dogs on steroidspitbull dogs on steroidspitbull dogs on steroidspitbull dogs on steroids