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It’s not puss, it’s pus, it’s not teet, it’s teat. Raw whole milk from Jersey cows on pasture year round is a healthy way to go. Some claim anything from another animal is not natural, but the last I looked it’s not natural to sit and type out this nonsense either, or drink sodas that have 12 teaspoons of sugar added, or smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol, or about 20,000 more things. If we went back to natural, we’d find ourselves heading where the weather’s warmer, competing with animals for territory and if we went vegan here’s the way the planet would look if we absolutely didn’t kill animals:
Presently there are 21,000,000,000 chickens, and if we didn’t eat them but allow their chicks to reproduce after 6 months and onto five years of age, it takes 21 days for chickens to hatch. Multiply 7 times 21,000,000,000 and you get 147,000,000,000. That’s in one year, now multiply that by 7 and you get 882,000,000,000 and just for fun let’s do it for two more years time 6 or 12 time 882, and we get 10,584,000,000,000 and divide 7,000,000,000 and just for fun let’s go three more years and not include cows, cattle, goats, turkeys, lamb, pigs, and whatever else we eat, and we’d have 190,512,000,000,000 and rather than a little over 1500 chickens per person on earth, we’d have a bit of a crowd, try: 27,216 chickens per person.

As the editors in chief outline so beautifully in twin editorials, James Gallagher, Jack Godar and the staff have been investigating the possibility for more than a year. As James writes in his piece, the conversation “was prompted by a letter, signed by nearly fifty faculty members, which was submitted to the managing editors of The Crusader one year ago. It argued that, given the rising tide of xenophobia in the American political sphere and the fact that The Crusader shared a name with a KKK-sponsored newspaper, perhaps a name change should be considered.”

Ferrets on steroids video

ferrets on steroids video


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