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Hua Hin is usually pleasant at any time of the year though, even during the monsoon (rainy) season as there is usually a break in the rain at some time during the day. In fact, the rain never lasts very long, and the skies clear within minutes afterwards. Another advantage of visiting in the rainy season is that there are less visitors and better hotel rates. Being very popular with weekend visitors from Bangkok, weekends can get a little bit crowdy throughout the year though, especially in Hua Hin. Cha-Am and Pranburi is more peaceful then, since hotels and resorts are spread out far from each other.

If you’re especially adverse to extreme heat, avoid between April and May when the weather is especially hot and sticky with temperatures around 34° Celsius. However, don't fret if you do choose to come then: one of Thailand's most celebrated festivals, Songkran (the Thai New Year or Water Festival), takes place in the second week of April, and involves lots of refreshing water-throwing to help cool everyone down.

Also, the bride and groom meet at 7am with the bishop. (This group of Amish doesn’t turn the clocks forward in spring so 7am their time is 8am our time.) Church starts at 8 their time. Women and visitors sit in the kitchen, men in the living room. Many teenagers would just get up and walk out during service. The upstairs is open for women with babies who need to change diapers or nurse. Women are free to go up and come back as needed. The bride an groom sit on benches across from each other. They face each other. On either side of them sits a groomsman and bridesmaid. They also face each other. The 3 girls wore matching dark blue dresses. After the church part was over and the wedding began, the bride and groom held hands with the bishop. They exchanged vows. Every time that the name “Jesus Christ” was mentioned they would kind of slightly bend their knees quickly then stand straight again. After the wedding was over we went to my in-laws which was the next house down,for the meal. A variety of things are served (not a meat with 2 veggies and bread, but many different foods!). The tables were already set by the servers when we got there, but the benches had to be brought over in the wagon. After the meal, there is singing, and the bride and groom go upstairs to a bedroom to meet with visitors and receive gifts. They also pass out gifts to those who helped serve (the women received dish towels and metal spoons, the men who helped received cigars, and everyone else received candy). There is a supper served which is a completely different meal. After that is more singing and visiting. The youth (16 1/2 and older, unmarried of course) are paired up and sing songs at a bit faster pace. There is a 3rd meal served around midnight. The bride and groom stay at the bride’s parents’ house for the night. The bride and groom stay in their own room, and the 2 groomsmen and 2 bridesmaids stay in a room together (seperate beds of course). All of the dishes from the 3rd meal are left for the bride and groom to do to day after the wedding. So guess how they start off their honeymoon 🙂

East german raincoat

east german raincoat


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