East german nva surplus

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Mechanically, the AK is a much clunkier weapon than the AR. It was built to be utterly reliable when filled with dirt and muck, and carried by an ignorant peasant who never bothered to clean or lubricate it. Its reliability under such circumstances is indeed legendary. However, that reliability and reduced dependence on maintenance was achieved largely by very loose tolerances in the mechanism, and that impaired accuracy. While you’ll rarely find an AR15 rifle that groups worse than two inches at 100 yards, most military AK rifles will shoot a group twice as big at best, and many will go to six or eight inches. Trigger pulls are generally very rough. The sights are small and hard to see, in comparison with other contemporary military rifles. The AK47 is heavier than it looks and does not balance well.

East german nva surplus

east german nva surplus


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