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The reason Jawa stopped the development of the 500cc four-stroke was due to production difficulties. A shame from technical viewpoint, but economically understandable. The new look was two new side cabins and a third one under the buddyseat. The wheel suspension was hydraulic shock absorbers with long stroke for both front and rear wheels. In 1954 the new 250 cc and 350 cc went into production as Jawa-Cz. Shortly after introduction, these motorcycles were given the nickname kyvacka (swing). The official model was Jawa-Cz 353 and 354. From these motorcycles Jawa-Cz also made lighter versions like a 125cc and a 175cc. The increase of the spring stroke lead to the decrease of the wheel size from 19" to 16". When the Soviet Union became a market, the production concentrated on the Jawa 354, that had a sidecar available. At that time the almighty communist president of Czechoslovakia, Novotny said socialists don't drive motorcycles. In spite of all this and the entrance of the Japanese motorcycles, Jawa still survived. It wasn't easy because of the changing market, and an economy that has suffered a lot from almost fifty years of communist economics. top

Maps of Route 66 Route 66 - the once thriving state highway system from Chicago to Los Angeles was paved and ready for the automobiles and their adventurous drivers over 90 years ago. It served millions of pilgrims until the "modern" highways system took over. Route 66 was decommissioned and signs removed in 1985. Businesses closed, people moved on. But really, Route 66 died? We hardly believe it, as you will see it is very much alive! The system ceased to exist 32 years ago but instantly a legend was born! Recently there are efforts by various Route 66 associations to post new signs (Historic Route 66, Historic Byways, Old Route 66 etc), however, it is not always easy to find the original roads.

Do not worry, we created Route Google Maps with all the attractions and sights that we share with you with every package reservations (hotels with cars or motorcycles). You are free to use them on your mobile device - request the KML files that you can convert and upload to your own GPS! 85% of original Route 66 is still drivable and well kept awaiting you, the adventurous traveler to explore!

At the time of confrontation with the Mannheim judiciary, the bylaws were closely based on the Mannheim Studentenverbindung (student society or fraternity) "Hermunduria" in which the then President Michael "Mike" Heyer had been a member as a law student. Unaware of its origins, the prosecutor made accusations regarding forming a criminal association in addition to other offences. In subsequent criminal proceedings ordered by the District Court of Mannheim, the prosecution accused certain members of the club of crimes. The prosecutor, whose club informant turned out to be unreliable in court, had the charge of forming a criminal organization then fail.

East german motorcycle

east german motorcycle


east german motorcycleeast german motorcycleeast german motorcycleeast german motorcycleeast german motorcycle