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Nigel Farage and other British Euroskeptics may still dismiss Germany’s political class as “federalists,” but to find truly bold proposals for European integration these days, one has to reach outside the party circuit, to political theorists like Ulrike Guerot. “Germany doesn’t realize how much the rest of Europe is starting to hate us again,” she says. “But if you watch Polish TV or read Spanish newspapers, you would know that the rest of the continent is running out of patience with our Animal Farm approach to the EU that Germany is more equal than others.” If Germany wants to save Europe, she argues, it needs to start debating a eurozone parliament, the creation of eurobonds as a shield against the next debt crisis, and measures to strengthen European democracy. If Germany can no longer “rely completely” on the United States and Britain following the election of President Trump and Brexit, as Merkel herself has said, is it prepared to build up its own nuclear capacity?

Dianna’s paternal grandfather was Howard Alan Agron (the son of Jack Agron and Edith Kohn). Howard was born in Oklahoma. Jack was born in Sivers’k, Artemivs’kyi district, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, to a Jewish family, the son of Hillel “Hilya”/”Harry” Agronsky and Sonya Sophie Chernikoff. Edith was born in Kansas, to Jewish parents who immigrated from Eastern Europe, Samuel Kohn and Anna; one census lists them as having been born in Russia, and another census lists them as having been born in Poland.

East german haircut

east german haircut


east german haircuteast german haircuteast german haircuteast german haircuteast german haircut