East german grocery store

Ive read where your corporation has plans to possibility put Lidl stores in the state of your stores are fairly new to the United States, with an open mind ,I’m willing to give your stores a chance and from what I’ve read and seen on your website, your stores seem impressive. I don’t know if Lidl have thoughts about putting one of your stores in a lower income communities/
” undeserving ” areas but I’ve seen stores like Kroger ,Walmart and Aldi’s near some of these areas and have been there for a long time. I could be wrong,but if those stores are working in those areas,maybe Lidls can possibly do well in them as well.

Where’s Wegmans? They are all over the Northeast, an institution:
Wegmans operates 81 stores: 46 in New York State, 15 in Pennsylvania, 7 in New Jersey, 6 in Virginia, 6 in Maryland and 1 in Massachusetts.
Wegmans employs over 44,000 people.
In 2012, Wegmans received more than 5,200 requests from people asking the company to open a store in their community. Another 7,600 customers wrote to say how much they like shopping at Wegmans, because they like the products and services offered or appreciate the way Wegmans employees treat them.

East german grocery store

east german grocery store


east german grocery storeeast german grocery storeeast german grocery storeeast german grocery storeeast german grocery store