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Hearing of Rommel's reputation as an outstanding military instructor, in February 1937 Hitler assigned him as the War Ministry liaison officer to the Hitler Youth , in charge of military training. Here he clashed with Baldur von Schirach , the Hitler Youth leader, over the training that the boys should receive. [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] Trying to fulfill a mission assigned to him by the Ministry of War, [50] Rommel had proposed a plan (twice) that would have effectively subordinated Hitler Youth to the army, removing it from the NSDAP control. That went against Schirach's express wishes, who appealed directly to Hitler. Consequently, Rommel was quietly removed from the project in 1938. [51] He was promoted to Oberst (colonel) on 1 August 1937, and in 1938, Rommel was appointed commandant of the Theresian Military Academy War Academy at Wiener Neustadt . [52] In October 1938 Hitler specially requested that Rommel be seconded to command the Führerbegleitbrigade (his escort battalion). [53] This unit accompanied him whenever he traveled outside of Germany. [41] During this period he indulged his interest in engineering and mechanics by learning about the inner workings and maintenance of internal combustion engines and heavy machine guns. [54] He memorized logarithm tables in his spare time, and enjoyed skiing and other outdoor sports. [55]

As stated in the Final Report of the Frankfurt State Prosecution office under File Index No. Js 11/61 (GStA Ffm.) in "Criminal Action against Martin Bormann on Charge of Murder", dated April 4, 1973: XI. Result Although nature has placed limits on human powers of recognition (BGHZ Vol. 36, pp. 379-393-NJW 1962, 1505), it is proved with certainty that the two skeletons found on the Ulap fairgrounds in Berlin on December 7 and 8, 1972, are identical with the accused Martin Bormann and Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger. The accused and Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger died in Berlin in the early hours of the morning of May 2, 1945 -- sometime between 1:30 and 2:30 . XII. Further Measures 1. The search for Martin Bormann is officially terminated.... ( Of course, die-hard conspiracy bugs would no doubt argue that Bormann died in Paraguay, and had his remains re-interred, surreptitiously, at the Ulap fairgrounds in Berlin, where they could later be "discovered". We doubt it, but if anyone would care to provide a succinct argument in favor of Bormann's survival past May 2, 1945, we will include it as an addition to this site. But an argument based merely on reports that Bormann was seen will not qualify. Elvis and St. Germain have been seen all over the world, too.)
Martin Bormann • June 17, 1900 • May 2, 1945 Recognize this guy? Would you like to blast your way through the Fuehrerbunker and slay Mr. Hitler himself? You would? Then download a copy of the classic game Wolfenstein 3D -- the game that started the whole 3-D gaming frenzy -- and let the carnage begin! If you already have a copy of Wolfenstein 3D , congratulations -- but check out the Wolf3D Bunker anyway.
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East german field jacket

east german field jacket


east german field jacketeast german field jacketeast german field jacketeast german field jacketeast german field jacket