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Understanding the current financial state of the farm equipment industry is crucial to establish benchmarks and comparisons for your dealership. Equipment Dealer Consulting LLC, the certified accounting firm affiliated with Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA), has released the 2017 Cost of Doing Business Study, a financial and business operations study providing you with straightforward guidelines for analyzing the profitability of equipment dealerships including all brands across the United States and Canada. In this webinar, Bob Charbonneau, CPA, CVA and Gord Thompson reviewed and analyzeed the findings from this year’s report and what that could mean for your dealership in 2018.

The first military units of the Central Training Administration ( Hauptverwaltung Ausbildung – HVA ) were dressed in police blue. With the restructuring of the Barracked Police (CIP) in 1952, khaki uniforms similar in shape and color to those of the Soviet Army were introduced. The desire for a separate "German" and "socialist" military tradition, and the consequent founding of the NVA in 1956, introduced new uniforms which strongly resembled those of the Wehrmacht. They were of a similar cut and made of a brownish-gray, called stone gray, cloth. The dark high-necked collar were later deleted, except on the coats from 1974–79.

East german equipment

east german equipment


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