Ciclos anabolicos. para ciclistas

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• A doctor on the . Olympic Team named John Zieglar first developed this drug for the primary purpose of improving the Olympic Team who faced competition from the . Olympic Team who was having Testosterone injections, giving them an advantage.
• Anabolic and androgenic ratio of Dianabol is 90-210:40-60
• Dianabol is chemically known by the name Methandrostenolone
• Dbol is an oral anabolic steroid that is toxic to the liver due to it having a 17-alpha-alkylated alteration (17aa).
• Dianabol does convert to estrogen in the body as a result of the aromatase enzyme
• Dbol does suppress the natural production of testosterone in males

Ciclos anabolicos. para ciclistas

ciclos anabolicos. para ciclistas


ciclos anabolicos. para ciclistasciclos anabolicos. para ciclistasciclos anabolicos. para ciclistasciclos anabolicos. para ciclistasciclos anabolicos. para ciclistas