Bed bug bites steroid cream

We live in a farm type environment with LOTS of spiders and bugs and I’m pretty confident I saw spiders that look like the brown recluse. I didn’t get treatment, because it seemed like it was getting better and wasn’t bothering me (but it never has completely gone away). Just this week, however, after being out in the sun a lot and getting sunburn around the area of the bite, the bite spread to approx. a 2 x 3 inch patch outlined by a red blister ring. It started itching badly again (remember my bite was over 2 months ago).

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So, my story starts in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am currently attending university and have lived in residence for the last 3 years. I started developing this really bad rash the last few months (more than a few actually) and I thought it was heat rash because I would only get it when I sweated or got hot. However, I just checked the side of my mattress and low and behold, black dots everywhere. This has caused me such embarrassment because everywhere I would go leaving the house, I would have these hives looking rash all over my arms. I am finally moving out of residence and saying goodbye to these horrid blood suckers once and for all. I even tried allergy medicine with antihistamine because I thought it was an allergic reaction, which it is, but you cant really cure allergic reaction to bed bug bites with zyrtec, benedryl, or claritin.

thanks and I hope my story helped!

A flea will feed on any warm blooded mammal. The most common type is called a cat flea, which is often brought into the home by a pet such as a cat or dog, or on a rodent. Fleas are a dark red/brown color, flat and are 1/2 inch to 1/6 inches long.  When they move, they look compressed, as if they are walking on their edge. They have antennae and are found throughout the United States.  Flea bites can happen to a pet or a human.  They can survive on a host for 30 to 50 days.  Flea season is spring and early summer, but are found year round.

Bed bug bites steroid cream

bed bug bites steroid cream


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