Asthma steroids toddlers

Ginkgo Biloba:  Ginkgo biloba is one of the most popular herbal remedies used in Asia. A study performed back in 2007, and published in the  Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology ,   found that the extracts of ginkgo biloba helped to relieve airway inflammation and mucus build up. Ginkgo appears to block the action of a substance called 'platelet activating factor' (PAF), which is believed to be a prime suspect in the onset of asthma and asthma related symptoms. The normal dose for ginkgo biloba is 120-240 mg's of the standardized extract each day.

Several asthma and allergy researchers have found results similar to the earlier described relationship between immunization and IDDM. A group from New Zealand (Kemp, Pearce, Fitzharriset ) found that asthma and allergies were more common in children that received pertussis vaccine than in those that were not immunized. Similar results have been suggested by others (Odent, Culpin and Kimmel, 1994) . More recently Dr. Julian Hopkin presented data at the British Thoracic Society meeting in 1997 which linked asthma to immunization. He has also published data that early immunization with BCG in Japan is associated with a decreased risk of IDDM (Shirakawa, Enomoto, Shimazuet ).

Many babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are treated for asthma by their pediatrician; however, if their asthma symptoms are not under control within three to six months, or if symptoms are severe and persistent, or if the asthma episodes require emergency treatment, it may be time to see an asthma specialist. Allergists/Immunologists or pulmonologists (who specialize in the treatment of lung diseases) are specialists who treat asthma. Some allergists and pulmonologists specialize in pediatric medicine. Those who have completed training in those specialties are usually called board-certified or board-eligible.

Asthma steroids toddlers

asthma steroids toddlers


asthma steroids toddlersasthma steroids toddlersasthma steroids toddlersasthma steroids toddlersasthma steroids toddlers