Anabolic vitakic

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Building massive amounts of muscle is in many ways like constructing a house. It all starts with a proper foundation. If you really want to pack slabs of granite-hard muscle onto your frame, all of your nutrient bases need to be covered. Obviously this means consuming large amounts of ultra-high-quality protein along with key carbohydrates and essential fats. But just as importantly, laying the proper foundation starts with using an advanced micronutrient multivitamin complex.  
Countless bodybuilders have overlooked the critical importance of this for anabolism and muscle growth. However, thanks to the latest innovation straight from Team MuscleTech headquarters, a new breed of musclebuilder is born.  
Why Vitakic Hardcore Kicks the Hell out of Mass-Market Multivitamins  
What makes the Vitakic Hardcore formula so effective is its key anabolically charged musclebuilding compound. Industry-leading Team MuscleTech scientists knew how effective this key ingredient was for building muscle.  
This component actually targets intramuscular processes to quickly drive up muscle growth and strength! That's right! Not only will your specific micronutrient needs be covered, but Vitakic Hardcore forces you to build more muscle, in a fraction of the time!

Anabolic vitakic

anabolic vitakic


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